Developing Traders Since 2013

We’ve been creating traders for over a decade teaching them to trade various strategies across stocks, options and futures using simple frameworks.


We are committed to train everyone, from all walks of life to learn to become a funded trader. Whether this is a side-hustle or something you want to pursue long-term our professional level training and frameworks will support your growth.




  • We believe in creating high quality training
  • That using more than S&P500 is required
  • That trading small is better – with options and futures
  • We believe in keeping it simple
  • We believe in education that is more than just technical analysis
  • We believe in building a focused, supportive and motivating community for everyone 

Prop Trading is as old as Wall Street and many have come and gone. Today, with funding available to anyone, anywhere it’s created an opportunity of a lifetime that most would never have without it – and we help you reach that goal with our experience in training and funding traders.

The Origin Story

Back before online prop-firms the path to Wall Street was long. It required degrees, internships and interviews. Dan started early, with Charles Schwab at twenty and then a few years later ventured into the unknown: futures trading. He became a Tier 1 prop-trader learning the ropes of futures and price action. He spent his twenties on Wall Street desks as a prop-trader, analyst and portfolio manager before retiring.

The First Student & Birth of Landshark

In 2013 while still working on Wall Street still as a long/short portfolio manager (Wall Street speak for stock trader) at a hedge fund a friend reached out to Dan. He asked him to speak to a friend who was struggling to trade and the connected. He looked at what they were doing and found a solution that matched their trading issues. Most of it was related to learning to read price action contextually and learning to be patient. 

And from there, The first training (which is The Landshark Method today) was called Bullshark Trading and it comprised of a 50+ page hard-copy trading manual 15 video lectures and a Skype group. 

Funding Traders with POA

In 2016 Dan began funding traders he trained and trusted at Landshark with his own money. The principles and framework they used are almost identical to that of The Funded Futures Trader

  • Trade less
  • Trade small
  • $250-$500 daily targets
  • Focus on more than just S&P500 

2023 - The Birth of RealPropTrading.com

The opportunity for anyone and everyone to trade institutional money today is amazing! So we took our original funded Landshark trader approach and created a training specifically for the tight parameters and rules prop-trading requires so you can leverage our experience and their money!

Whether you’re completely new, struggling to get funded or just want to make day-trading a side hustle then Real Prop Trading is for you. 

Trade less, profit more. The Funded Futures Trader™ way!

The People Behind the Company




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Our Culture & Results


A: Not at this time. With the rise of so many funding companies it’s easier to use their capital – we may, in the future, fund traders but for now this is a better route. 

We have 3 preferred funding partners.

A: We specifically teach how to trade S&P500, Nasdaq and Crude (QM) in the Funded Futures Trader – we teach the full size and micros.

We expand into Gold, Yen Futures, British Pound, USD, Russell 2000, Copper and futures options trading in The Landshark Method® training.

A: This is intraday price action trading without indicators or software. We add on principles of how to enter, contract strategy and mental framework for prop-trading.

The Landshark Method® expands into advanced price action, market-timing, order-flow, swing-trading and application of S&P500 and WTI Crude options trading.

A. Yes. You have full access to The chat room community to ask questions and get help. In addition, you can use the Premium Membership for a weekly market outlook video and nightly market recaps.

A. No. The Funded Futures Trader framework has you trading done trading in less than 2 hours a day either in the morning or afternoon session. 

A. With our structured training, prop-trading framework and straight-line approach the goal is 90 days to become a novice. 

To get really good, like some of the Senior Landshark Traders, that will take (in our views) 3+ years.

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