Small Account Tactics®

The SAT Principles and 4 Strategies we use have been taught since 2015 and will show you how to grow a small account using options. We designed this course for beginners and those using small accounts so you can learn and build an account so you can venture into other strategies or just use as a side-hustle.

S.A.T Options Training

Small Account Tactics teach you proven methods that we’ve used since 2015 to help beginners with smaller accounts learn. We include Options 101, Think or Swim tutorial, technical basics and 4-simple strategies you can begin applying with a small account inside 30-days. 


Small Account Tactics: You’ll learn to apply 4 strategies using a fixed risk model based on account size to trade in a small account. As a beginner learning you want to keep it simple while growing an account slowly, without the big profit and loss swings, and we teach just that in this training using real trades and account statements. 


This class is taught by Daniel Bustamante and deep dives exactly into what he knows for going for directional gains using calculated, fixed-risk trades. This is your opportunity to follow a proven model that many have used over the last 7+ years to build small accounts and a foundation for options trading. It’s amazing how much time you’ll cut out of the learning curve by going through the training but also by going through the multiple live recorded trade lessons.


More About What’s Included in this Course:

Options for Beginners: The 101 section does two things. One, it teaches you how to understand the basics of options in a simple manner. Two, it shows you how to think about them using a ‘cash-flow’ mindset.

There is also a section on using Think Or Swim so you can get bypass the stuff that doesn’t matter as to not waste time.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Options 101 – What matters to us 
  • Cash Flow Mindset for Options
  • The Ten Small Account Tenets PDF 

The Options Trading Chat Room


Get support help, ask questions and learn with others in the options specific chatroom. You can post and learn there as little or as much as you want.

2 Day Live Recorded Trading Class & Bonus Webinars

The Premium package gives you access to a recorded live 2-day class and additional webinars all totaling over +4 additional hours of learning content. 

The SAT Options Training Module

The SAT Strategy goes into 4 simple trading strategies that you can begin applying within 30 days. They are laid out with simple text and video recordings so you can follow along with them. These include actual live trading recordings of the actual strategy in play with real money accounts so you can see cases on entry, exit, and trade management. Like all of our education you can watch, study, and watch again all of the class’s content from anywhere you have internet access. 

Premium Members get access to 2 days of Recorded Pro Live Trading class for you to use in your training. 

Training Highlights

  • 9+ Hours of easy to follow lessons
  • Options 101 
  • Think or Swim Tutorial
  • Live Case Study Trades (real money and live recorded)
  • SAT Options Playbook & PDF Guides




What's included



What's included



A: You get instant access to the SAT Options course, Small Account Playbook and PDFs.

A: You have lifetime access to the course.

A. No. You can use whoever you wish, but we teach on ThinkOrSwim in the training. 

A: You will need a minimum of $2,000 for this to be beneficial. 

A: You can purchase access then for $50/month.

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