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Learn to become a funded prop-trader using our consistent, result-driven trading method and leverage the power of institutional capital.

Your Roadmap to Become A

Funded Futures Trader

Enroll in The Funded Futures Trader™

This course is a foundational course specifically designed for prop-trading. You will learn a price-action approach to help you pass an evaluation by trading S&P500, WTI Crude & Nasdaq using 1-2 contracts at a time.

Enroll in a Prop Trading Challenge

We’ll show you 3 prop-firms that work directly with our price-action strategy and framework. Enroll in one of them and begin the Hero’s Journey to passing and getting and leveraging their capital.

Pass and Get Funded!

Apply the principles from the training to target $250-$500 a day so you can pass and become a funded trader. From there, the sky’s the limit to your journey as a prop trader!

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Our Views on Trading Markets

Our models and views are built around trading small accounts, building a foundation and learning to incorporate price action and contextual awareness of market fundamentals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at this time. We work with 3 preferred funding firms and provide a prop-trading specific framework to pass trading evaluations in the $50-$150K range. 

We teach traders to pass evaluations in The Funded Futures Trader™ framework using S&P500, Nasdaq and Crude (CL) and (QM).

We’ve been teaching traders globally since 2013 with many 6+ figure and full-time traders created. We can help to give you a trading foundation and framework that is specifically designed for prop-trading and the parameters that are required to become funded. Our community will motivate and inspire you to learn and work towards becoming a funded trader.