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Once you’ve enrolled there is no additional monthly cost. You can continue to use the Premium Subscription after by signing up but there is no monthly re-bill.

You will learn a price action trading method that is specifically designed for prop-trading evaluations and trading in funded accounts without scalping or using larger contract size.

No. Everything you need is inside the training – you can trade on any software you want: NinjaTrader, TradoVate, MetaTrader4 and countless others.

It depends but the average video is 12 minutes in length. Some are longer lectures that are up to 40 minutes depending on the subject. There are also text lessons and PDF’s within the training as well for you to learn from. 

This is not designed to create you to be a full-time trader but to help you to pass and get funded so you can build a foundation. 

If your goal is to become a full-time trader this is a starting block not the end of the training that you will need. We suggest all new, beginner and traders learning to become consistent start here first. 

We have 3 suggest funding partners that work best for this that are listed on the site. We suggest that you use one, or all three, to use the framework we are teaching you in the training.

You can but we listed the S&P500, Nasdaq and WTI Crude (QM) because they fit with the price action style, profit targets and the entry method that we teach. It’s really important to follow the roadmap we provide – if you venture off that to try other products that’s a decision that you must take responsibility for.


The is a premium blog that discusses stocks, options and futures investing. There is a weekly market outlook video that covers macro, futures trading and momentum stock trading ideas. A nightly video is sent out Monday-Thursday with a trade plan/analysis for S&P500, Nasdaq, Crude oil and 2-3 options ideas for the following day. 

If you cannot see the posts and it says you need to subscribe please email so we can ensure we have given you access. 

Yes, you can access a free 14-day trial to see what it’s all about by clicking here.

You need to cancel on your log in on – this is a blog under Substack. 

Please do not email us to unsubscribe or cancel – we cannot do it from our end.

You can read this article here on how to do it in less than 2 minutes.


Yes. This training is over 9+ hours in length and was specifically designed for beginner options traders in mind. We cover the basics of how options works, terminology and then get into simple strategy application so you can learn and build a foundation. 

We’ve used this same framework and principles since 2015 in this training to develop beginner traders and while it is an options training strategy you will learn much more that you can carry with you. 

No. Everything that you need is within the SAT Options Training and you can use any broker or trading account you want. 

What we teach you is both a fundamental approach and technical approach to trading options so you don’t need to scan for stocks, options flow or worry about other complex strategies that most beginners simply don’t need. 

We want to be realistic so that your expectations are met and since this is literally called Small Account Options the strategies and mental frameworks are designed specifically for that. 

You need a minimum of $2,000 to start using the concepts we are going to teach. Ideally, the more the better but $2,000 – $5,000 is the sweet spot. 

One, we’ve been teaching this since 2015 with great success so we know how to keep it simple and to the point.

Two, our belief is that as a beginner that you need to focus on only buying calls and puts to start because it limits your risk and gets you experience in options. 

Three, it works and there’s proof of it with real case studies in the training from real brokerage statements. 

Finally, we simply know how to teach in a way that it makes sense to even the absolute beginner so that this doesn’t take you 10 months to figure out. 

Yes. You have a private SAT Options chat room within the Discord to get help from coaches and other traders in the program. We fully expect that you will have questions and encourage you in the training to ask, share and learn in the chat!

You also have email support to ask any questions that you have if you are not comfortable asking them in the public chat. 

The PTD rule or pattern day trading rule requires investors to have $25,000 in their account to make more than 3 day trades inside a 5 day rolling period. 

You do NOT need $25,000 to start. You simply (and we explain this in the training) need to request that you have a cash account NOT a margin account. 

When you have a cash account you can make 50 day trades and never worry about this rule of pattern day trader.