Futures Membership

The Futures Membership gives you The Daily Trader Worksheet which covers trading notes and zones for S&P500, Nasdaq and Crude Oil. In addition, members receive a daily video recap with a trade plan and notes for the following day as well as a futures chatroom to discuss trading with others.

$50 for a 30-day trial!

What you’ll get with an Futures membership:

The Daily Trader Worksheet

We publish The Daily Trader worksheet each day with notes and levels for the S&P500, Nasdaq and Crude oil markets so that you can get a cheat sheet and plan to help in your own analysis.

Futures Trading Chat Room

The futures trading chat room gives you access to discuss the markets with others and learn while sharing ideas in real-time. Whether you're trading at a prop-firm, your own money or just learning this is a great added feature.

Daily Market Recap Videos

Every week night you’ll get premium videos from us for your membership with valuable info that reviews the previous days trades as well as prepares you for the next trading day.

3 Video Lessons

Receive two video lessons and one recorded webinar about futures trading so you can begin learning more about how we see the futures markets and to help build your knowledge base.



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