Learn to use the LEAPS TRADR stock replacement method for swing-trades and passive investing in stocks. We designed this course to target fixed cost trades for investors of all skill levels so you can use less capital to invest without day trading to make returns! 

The LEAPS TRADR® Trading Method

Have you ever had an investment idea on a stock but didn’t have enough money to make it really worth it? 

Or maybe you just don’t have the time to day-trade or watch the markets.

Maybe you just want to grow a portfolio slowly without the wild swings that most strategies have.

The solution might just be the LEAPS TRADR® Framework.

You see, LEAPS are options contracts that follow the same rules as short-term options, but their expiration date are as far as three years out.

As an investor who does not want to day trade or just wants a more passive approach the expiration of LEAPS are a great benefit. 

They make a great alternative to stock ownership. LEAPS calls and puts enable investors to benefit from stock price rises and drops risking less capital than required to buy or short the stock. 

LEAPS v. Long Stock

Let’s go through an example of buying shares v. using a LEAPS call.

For a bullish example, let’s look at a LEAPS call contract and compare it to buying 100 shares of the underlying stock.

For a stock trading at $62.42, 100 shares would cost $6,242. The risk is the full cost, and if the stock price increased 20% over the next six months, the stock investment would gain 20%, or about $1,248.

As an alternative, let’s say the initial cost for a $57.5 strike LEAPS call contract would be around $675. And although that may seem like an expensive options contract, it only amounts to about 11% of the cost of the stock purchase. With that 20% increase in the underlying stock, the LEAPS call could theoretically be sold for $1,740, or a 158% increase (see figure 1). And if the stock were to instead fall 20% over the same time period, the call would lose about 96% of the initial premium, or $650 (see figure 2).  

Rather see the numbers in a table? See the summary below?

So, as you can see there are many benefits to using LEAPS, especially if trading in a smaller account and very beneficial to those who just don’t have the time to watch the markets. 

The LEAPS TRADR® Framework is what you need, and we’re make it easy to learn the basics and simple strategy so that you can begin applying it to your investments.



This course is designed for beginners so that you can use stock-replacement strategy with a fixed-cost trade without tying up the money in your account. 

The framework is going to show you the basics of how LEAPS work and then show you a simple approach to finding stocks to buy LEAPS calls on. 

The eLearning course is broken down into bite-sized videos so you can learn with ease.

The Basics of LEAPS

The full eCourse begins with the fundamentals and mechanics of using LEAPS so that you have a foundation. This is important because it will give you the confidence to then begin applying the strategy that we are going to discuss with you in this amazing course.

Strategy Module

Here is where you are going to learn the LEAPS TRADR® framework meaning: how to scan for and identify stocks and ETFS that can be used with LEAPS as the too to express the trade long or short. This means we're going to explain to you entries, exits and targets based on historical data in a very simple way. Each one of the lessons in this section are all bite-sized so you can digest the information with ease.

Real Case Studies

No hypothetical or backtested trading here. This is all as real as it get's with actual real-dollar case studies from actual trades so you can see the thought process that goes into the LEAPS TRADR® framework.

AST Alert Membership

The Premium access gives you access two 2 months of the AST Swing Alerts Membership. This means you'll get the weekly LongVol Stock Market Report & 2-5 swing-trade alerts monthly using our $100K model portfolio. Take what you learn in the LEAPS TRADR® training and use our research to begin applying the it in your accounts on us for 2 months!

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A: You receive lifetime access to the course to review as you wish.

A: Because we are teaching you to buy more time some of the options cost more and we suggest you have a minimum of $3,000 to really find any real-world application of what you are about to learn. 

A: Yes, we offer email support for this course so you can ask questions.

There is no chatroom option because this is not day trading but you can email as much as you like for help.

A: No. The standard options approval from most brokers is all you are going to need. 

A: It’s very adaptable but it can be 1-2 hours per week and up to 5 hours a month. This would be classified under swing-trading which for us is 1-12 week holding times so it is very passive.

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