Funded Futures Trader™

This is a foundational prop trading course teaches you how to make consistent income day trading without using your own money by using prop firm capital. We teach you to trade S&P500, Nasdaq & Crude Oil using our prop-trading framework.

A Prop Trading Framework

The Funded Futures Trader teaches you how to use a straight-line approach to trading within the parameters of prop-trading firms. The goal is to teach you how to make $250-$500 a day by trading small size with S&P500, Nasdaq and Micro (QM) Crude oil.


  • Landshark Chat Room Access 
  • Premium Membership Access (Daily Video Trade Plans)
  • HD Video Course With 25+ Lessons for Prop Trading 
  • The Mindset You Need for Prop Trading
  • The Hero’s Journey eBook to Funded Trading
  • The Path for $250-$500 a Day 
  • Lessons on Trading Psychology 


The Funded Futures Trader: During this training class you’ll learn strategies specific to passing $50,000-$150,000 evaluations. What that means is we’ll discuss how to use S&P500 E-Mini, Micro Crude Oil and small lot trading to pass. It doesn’t matter what evaluation it is the concepts can be adjusted because they are based the risk, profit targets and contract sizes that are most frequently allowed. 

There are 25+ on-demand video lessons to learn from with PDF guides to download for quick-learning. No scalping, no extra software and no complex concepts just a straight line approach to help you pass and build a foundation!


Landshark Chat Community Access

Access the Landshark Chat community to share, learn and network with other prop-traders globally. The chat rooms are open 24/7 so you can get support and learn from coaches and other senior traders.

PDF Guides & eBook

Downloadable PDF guides to go along with the on-demand video course that you can use to take notes as well as the Hero’s Journey eBook: The Guide to Funded Futures Trading. Discover the idea and path of The Hero’s Journey as it relates to trading and learning.

HD Video Course


The HD video course is +25 videos of on-demand learning without the fluff – just a straight line approach to building a foundation and then applying our framework and mental models for trading and passing prop firm evaluations. 

Premium Membership Included

Accelerate your learning of trading the markets with the Premium Membership which is included with the Funded Futures Trader. Get access to TheLongVolReport premium blog, Sunday market outlook video and nightly market video recaps with a trade plan for S&P500, Nasdaq, Crude oil and select options trades.




What's included



What's included



A: You get instant access to the Funded Futures Trader® recordings.

A: You have unlimited online access to your video training and class materials on your computer.

A. No. You can take everything in the training lessons and apply them to your own funded account. We just create a framework that focuses on trading smaller contract sizes so as to fit the majority of the $50,000-$150,000 combines. 

A: You can ask questions in the chat room with people who have been around the Landshark community for years.

A: You are not billed and it just ends. If you want to continue it you can do so for $70/month.

A: No! Everything you need is in this training and as long as you have charting software and a prop-trading account that is all you will need!

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