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Since 2013 we’ve been training traders globally. Hear their stories. From the good, bad and ugly – it’s all part of the process to The Hero’s Journey of trading and finding the freedom you’re after.

Chris Duhanci -Former Tier 1 Trader

Meet Chris Duhanci, a full-time futures and equities trader from Los Angeles. Chris is partially self-taught part mentored and a former prop-trader at T3 Capital. In this interview he talks about his process and things that have helped him to find success as a trader.

Brad DeYoung - Funded Prop Trader

Brad is a Landshark veteran with more than 5 years in the community and one of the first to start prop-trading as a funded trader before sharing his experience with the community. In this short interview he talks about his path to trading across multiple prop-firms and getting funded numerous times over.

Corey Bates - The Small Account Options Trader

Corey is another Landshark veteran with more than 5 years in the community and while not a futures trader, he does trade directional options and does it extremely well. His style is derived from the SAT Options Training at Landshark and he is notorious for trading small accounts and running them up - he explains that and his journey in this interview.

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